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Director and Principal Investigator


Alex Golby
Alexandra J. Golby, MD

Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiology
Harvard Medical School

Lab Members
Dhiego Bastos

Clinical Fellow

Sarah Frisken

Assistant Professor

Nazim Haouchine

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Parikshit Juvekar

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Lauren O'Donnell

Associate Professor

Laura Rigolo

Lab Manager

Yanmei Tie

Assistant Professor

Shun Yao

Research Trainee &
Joint PhD Candidate

Leo Zekelman
PhD student
Lab Mascots
Olli and Gus

Ollie & Gus


  • Ali Ansaripour, Research Trainee
  • Elise Atkinson, Research Trainee & Visiting Student
  • Benvindo T. Chicha, Research Trainee & Visiting Student
  • Meghan Faria, Research Trainee
  • Laura Leung, Research Trainee
  • William Lui, Research Trainee
  • Ruth Propper, PhD, Visiting Researcher
  • Taina Rico, Research Trainee
  • Ziyun (Amy) Tie, Research Trainee
  • Georgia Wells, Student in Research
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