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A message from Alexandra Golby, MD, Principal Investigator

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Golby Lab Research Fund

The Golby Lab Neurosurgical Brain Mapping Laboratory is one of the world's leaders in applying academic research in functional brain mapping and image guided surgery to the challenges of surgical treatment of patients with brain conditions. Are you interested in enabling new breakthroughs in neurosurgery using advanced imaging techniques? If so, please consider becoming a part of our team by making a charitable, tax-deductible gift to support our ongoing research and development programs. Please explore our web site to learn more about the areas we are investigating.

Surgery in the brain remains one of the most complex and challenging areas in medicine, but also an opportunity to have lasting impact on the quality of life for our patients. The Golby Lab assembles an interdisciplinary team of clinicians, medical researchers, computer scientists, applied mathematicians, and software engineers to bring the power of imaging and image-guidance to meet the great challenges of neurosurgery. 

The need for private funding

The majority of the Golby Lab's work is funded through grants from the federal government. While this government sponsorship is critically important, particularly for ongoing research and clinical studies, it is poorly suited for initiating new projects and encouraging the evaluation of early ideas, exactly the kind of potential breakthrough research that makes our work unique. The cumbersome nature of the federal grant application and review process further delays some of the newest and most innovative early developments. Further, Federal Granting agencies, unfortunately, are reticent to invest in the engineering efforts which are necessary to bring discoveries from the lab into the OR.

How you can help

If you share our vision of translational research to improve neurosurgery and make a direct impact on patients, we encourage you to work with us to make it a reality. Please see our giving form.

If we can answer any questions or provide additional information, please contact us directly at 617.732.6600 or agolby@bwh.harvard.edu.

Thank you for your interest and your support.


Alexandra Golby, MD
Director and Prinicipal Investigator of the Golby Lab