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Isaiah Norton

Isaiah Norton

email: inorton (a|t) bwh d0t harvard d.t edu

Isaiah prepares data sets for Dr. Golby and others to review during the surgical planning process, primarily in 3D Slicer, as well as in the commercial navigation system used by the hospital. He supports the use of Diffusion Weighted Imaging in these various applications, and is interested in the development of improved visualization techniques for tractography data. In addition, he is responsible for programming support for lab research using SPM and matlab, and for system administration of the lab computer systems. Past and ongoing projects include:

  1. interactive visualization of tractography using dynamic seedpoints
  2. interfacing of surgical guidance system with 3D Slicer and BioImageSuite
  3. fMRI-based tractography seeding in 3D Slicer
  4. development of hybrid navigation system using mixed optical and electromagnetic tracking systems

Isaiah graduated from Boston University with a B.S. in Mathematics. He previously worked in science support on research voyages, and administered a wireless rural internet service.