Golby Lab, A Surgical Brain Mapping Laboratory
Golby Lab Research Fund
Alexandra J Golby, MD

   Alexandra J Golby, MD
   Principal Investigator
   Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiology

    email: agolby@partners.org

My research involves the application of brain mapping techniques to neurosurgical patients as well as neuroscientific investigations into the brain basis of cognition. We use multiple functional brain mapping techniques (functional MRI, Diffusion tensor imaging, and intracranial EEG) to better understand the cognitive physiology of memory and other higher cognitive functions. The goals are:

  1. to use these techniques to define individual functional anatomy in patients with neurosurgical diseases,
  2. to cross validate information acquired through different techniques and to gain a better understanding of the relationship between these different brain signals,
  3. to demonstrate the anatomical and physiological functional arrangement of specific cognitive functions, and
  4. to demonstrate the ways in which functional anatomy is altered by disease and recovery.

In order to accomplish this, our program includes the following:

  1. direct cortical electrophysiologic recording and analysis techniques;
  2. advanced MR imaging including functional MRI (fMRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI);
  3. research methods including data analysis, interpretation, and presentation; and
  4. the theoretical underpinnings and investigative tools of current cognitive neuroscience.

The neuroscientific focus is on the brain-basis of memory function: we perform multi-modality studies of memory-associated cognitive processes in healthy people and neurosurgical patients with epilepsy and brain tumors. My work benefits from the extremely rich research environment with numerous collaborators from the Departments of Neurology, Radiology, Engineering, and HMS, MGH, Brandeis University, and MIT.

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